The Wayward Court

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The Wayward Court

Post by JewellRavenlock » Mon May 13, 2019 3:21 pm

“...and on their shoulders, I was raised up high. Then they placed a crown upon my head.”

Ishmerai nodded slowly, “If you saw it, then it must happen.”

She shifted uncomfortably. “It could have just been a vision, Merai. Nothing more. Do not forget that I also saw myself on my brother’s throne. On a throne at Robin’s side. I saw myself on my grandmother’s seat before the Ta-Neers.” Jewell’s voice grew quieter, “I saw many things.”

She saw herself on the dais in the Lofty Hall of the High Court.


“They were visions and fancies,” she repeated, “nothing more.”

“I do not think you believe that is all they were. They were paths, Mira. Things that could have been and things that could still be. Lady of Lapis Lazuli, you were given that stone for a reason.”

Jewell made a noise of annoyance, “I have believed visions in the past, Merai.. They brought me nothing but sorrow.”

He waited some time before trying again, “Mira, why did we start House of Summer?”

“Because I wanted to be invincible,” she sighed. “I wanted to cement my power in RhyDin so that I could stand against the courts when they came to call.”


She glanced aside to him, “ And something else…”

“You wanted a home. A safe haven.” She nodded. “But not just for you. You said you wanted it for anyone that needed one.”

“Anyone.” Jewell repeated, looking away.

“So why have you given that up? We began to build it once. We can do it again. Start over. You could have done it yourself. You did not need to wait for me to help you.”

“I wasn’t ready.”

“Are you ready now?” She shrugged and he continued, “Jewell… they will never fully leave you alone. Not forever. How can they? There will be a reckoning once more. You must take the vision as a sign pointing you to the best path forward. You were not ready to act alone, but I am here with you now. We can do this and even then we do not have to do it alone. There are hundreds, thousands out there just waiting to join you. Together with them, we can make it so the courts will never dare touch you and we will do it your way.”

“We could…” she drew it out. “Or we could just stay here.”

“Stay here?” The knight frowned, confused.

Jewell’s gaze was fixed out over the ocean. The beach was as private as it could get. There was no one around for at least a mile. Maybe more. It was just the two of them, relaxing back in the sand, watching the sun go down. “Yeah. Stay here. Say fuck it to all this nonsense. To Faerie. To Politics. To everything and just stay here together. Happy. Quiet. Away from everything and everyone.” When she looked at him, her eyes were so hopeful.


Her smile hesitated then fell, and Jewell immediately looked out back over the water. “I know. It’s a silly dream.”

He hesitated a moment, “If that is what you really want, Mira… but could you do it? Could you really walk away when people need you? Can you resist the calling?”

There were tears in her eyes even as her lips quirked up in a grin. He knew her too well. “No. You know I can’t. Not when I look so damn good wearing a crown.”
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